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Kudos Teepos

  • The scheduling was very convenient for me and they helped me to learn the system as much and as often as they possibly could. I can definitely appreciate that!" Click Here to Read More. Simon ::
  • The installation went very well and they worked around the hours we needed them to. TEEPOS always did what was convenient for me, so it was incredibly easy for us to work together." Click Here to Read More. Isam Hani ::
  • TEEPOS really wanted us to be happy with the products and they would come in during our business hours to help our staff. They were so helpful, that once when the Internet went out they helped us deal with the problem, even though it was Comcast’s fault, they were very attentive." Click Here to Read More. Daniel Albarran ::
  • We told them what we needed and they told us what they could do and more, always staying ahead of the game. They didn’t just give us a system either. They programmed the system, got it up and running and then made any needed alterations, with which we are always happy." Click Here to Read More. Joey Reznicek ::
  • The first system that La Caridad ever had was from TEEPOS. For years they have had surveillance cameras and then cash registers from TEEPOS, I believe since 1999. ...This was a new experience for me and they took the time to train me to the point that I can say I am completely comfortable with the system." Click Here to Read More. David Montenegro ::
  • Having everything working was very beneficial to our business and the speed of the new system was huge for us, it was so much faster than the old system. TEEPOS gave a personal touch through being there for us at the location, working the certain hours they could and staying during rushes and helping the servers in general, which really helped us through the whole process." Click Here to Read More. Ken Hoffman ::
  • The team of staff I worked with was not only good to work with, but they would bend over backward to get things done. Anytime there was an urgent matter, they made it a priority and, in general, they made us a priority." Click Here to Read More. Bill Maheras ::