LUCKI Was born to be a truly useful ROBOT

Our mission is to free people from repetitive tasks to pursue more creative and meaningful work.

The Robot Will Help You Go


Save time and money

Delivery robots can further reduce the management cost and anxiety when you hire personnel, and the full data background service can further save your time and meet your needs.


Enhance service efficiency

The robot can help you deliver dishes hundreds of times a day, and it can also recycle them with the same efficiency, and it can also recommend or display the latest in-store activities. There are three modes in one machine, and the efficiency is more than three times higher.


Enhance customer satisfaction

Today, with the assistance of robots, our waiters can provide better table service, making waiters easier and customers happier.


We provide all the functions you need to double your operating efficiency while reducing your operating costs.

Efficient Delivery

LuckiBot can deliver dishes directly to your table, and can also give priority to automatic delivery to the nearest table, one service with multiple delivery.

Collection mode

LuckiBot is also an expert in plate recycling. The oversized tray supports a load of 10KG per layer, and the whole machine supports a maximum load of 40KG. It can easily recycle more than 5 tables of tableware at one time.

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

Based on the industry-leading multi-sensor fusion solution, LuckiBot can easily achieve centimeter-level precise positioning and 3D dynamic obstacle avoidance, which can meet operational needs in different scenarios.

Smart Leading

LuckiBot can lead customers to the target table, and can also provide more services through voice control.

Multi-robot Cooperation

We support multiple models of robots to run simultaneously on dozens of robots in the same scene, multi-robot intelligent collaboration, and double the work efficiency.

Theme Service

LuckiBot supports various themed exclusive services, such as birthdays, festivals, weddings, and other exclusive modes, making LuckiBot’s service more surprising, warmer, and more intimate.

Data-Cloud Dashboard

The ORION STAR Cloud Platform can not only provide real-time data dashboards, generate daily data reports, but also provide rich custom LuckiBot function options.

Multi-model Marketing

Whether LuckiBot works at the reception at the front desk or delivery, LuckiBot can provide comprehensive marketing service, which improves customer satisfaction.

Why the LUCKI Robot is the best choice for you?